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Sample Information Targets

NOTE: Each employer is afforded the flexibility of creating custom interviews for different types of applicants by selecting appropriate information targets from the menu below. In addition, various interviewing formats are available, including telephone pre-screen, basic human resource, in-depth technical (department level), security, third party (reference), oral board/panel and/or combinations of these.

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities and Experience

  1. Biographical Data
  2. Employment history, including discipline
  3. Military history, including discipline
  4. Educational history, including certification
  5. Driving History
  6. Position specific skills, knowledge, abilities and experience

Organization and Department Interests and Requirements

  1. Relocation attitude and commitment
  2. Shift requirements and commitments
  3. Service orientation
  4. Conflicts of interest
  5. Permanency/retention

Counterproductive Activities

  1. Integrity
  2. Drug Abuse
  3. Alcohol Abuse
  4. Excessive force/violence
  5. Perjury/falsification of official or company reports
  6. Bribes, gratuities and kickbacks
  7. Child/patient abuse