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Sample Table of Course Topics

I. Introduction

II. Background Information
A. The Problem of Applicant Misrepresentation
B. Relative Merits of Selection Methodologies
C. Legal Issues [including latest ADA material]

III. Pre-Interview Analysis
A. Guidelines for Selecting Candidates for Interviews
B. What do YOU Really Want to Know?
C. Defining and Quantifying Information Needs

Exercise One:
Defining and Quantifying Information Targets

IV. Diagnosing Applicant Misrepresentation From Verbal, Vocal and Visual Behavior
A. Why Some Applicants Misrepresent
B. The Mechanics of Diagnosing Behavior
C. Some Principles of Behavioral Diagnoses
D. Factors Effecting Behaviorial Interpretations
E. Verbal Examples
F. Vocal Examples
G. Visual Examples
H. Additional Variables Effecting the Diagnosis of Behavior

Exercise Two:
Identifying Verbal Misrepresentation

V. Interviewing Technique
A. Planning and Strategy
B. Interview Components and Structure
  1. Openings
  2. Orientations

Exercise Three:
Creating and Interview Component

  1. Question Design and Formulation
  2. Response Analysis
  3. Follow-ups
  4. Closes

VI. Conclusion

Appendices: Common Acts/Information Targets; Sample Orientations; Sample Questions; Typical Answers; Model Interview Worksheet

PLUS: Video Tapes of Actual Applicant Interviews