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Objective Pre-Employment Interviewing Is...

Legal: Only recent, work related information is targeted. Only the applicant's own statements of fact can contribute to a possible disqualification - NOT hearsay, profiles, subjective impressions, ratings, rankings or other arbitrary criteria.

Time and Cost Efficient: You and your staff conduct the interviews. There are no additional staff, material or equipment requirements. The special techniques are easy to learn and use immediately. There are no special education or background requirements.

Acceptable: Interviewing is both expected and accepted by applicants and employers. The special techniques taught are nonintrusive, non-invasive, and non-accusatory.

Valid and Reliable: Although there is no infallible pre-employment selection method, the most valid rely on the recent, work related past to predict future performance and behavior. The unique procedures encourage information that applicants with problems withhold - and who knows more about what they've really done that the applicants themselves.