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ADA Revisited.PDF (6.99MB)

The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendements Act and Polygraph Compliance

Criminal and Credit Records and Pre-employment Background Investigations

EEOC Hiring Qualification Standards

EEOC 2012 Criminal Record Guidelines

Federal Employers and Selection of Disabled Americans

Medical marijuana and Pre-employment Evaluations

Unemployment Discrimination

Pre-employment Selection Systems and the Smaller Department

Conducting Backgrounds on Lateral Hires

Objective Pre-employment Interviewing - Balancing Recruitment, Selection and Retention Goals

Elicitation Techniques for Blind Interviews

Kinesic Credibility Assessment During Criminal Interviews

Forensic Interviewing, Polygraph and Child Deception

Polygraph Testimony in Criminal Cases

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008

Evaluating Previously Conducted Polygraph Examinations

Social Media Searches

The Accuracy of Auditors' and Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) Operators' Judgments of Truth and Deception During Police Questioning

Compliance Update 2015*

Disparate Impact and EEOC v. Freeman, 2015

Interrogation article from the International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication (IEIC)

New Federal Ban-the-Box Mandate

PCSOT Procedures Determined to be Unconstitutional

New Research Contradicts Basis for Ban-the-Box

Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement

Ban the Box Update

European Polygraph - Chicago: Where Polygraph Becomes a Science

Comparison of Abdominal and Thorasic Respiratory Recordings

Critical Changes Over the 100 Year Evolution of Polygraph Practices

Deceptive Language by Innocent and Guilty Criminal Suspects

Kinesic Credibility Assessment during Criminal Interviews


Why Social Intorerance and the Politization of Race is a Terrible Idea for Polygraph