Our basic fee for criminal case polygraph examinations is $900 per person per examination plus travel expenses, usually mileage and parking for Colorado tests. All examinations are conducted at Client's place of business or suitable alternative location with exceptions for incarcerated subjects where there are separate requirements. This fee includes review and analysis of discovery or pre-file, a factual case summary, interview and polygraph material and computer preparation, travel, the examination (usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours), analysis and oral and written (optional) reports of both the polygraph and Behavioral Analysis (forensic) Interview results. Additional cost might occur in cases involving extensive review of videos and transcripts, complex computer, accounting and securities fraud cases requiring outside assistance to understand underlying terms and procedures, the use of independent unrelated interpreters, etc. though outside, expert assistance is typically billed by the expert.

Our basic fee for pre-employment polygraph examinations is $155 per applicant plus travel expenses, usually mileage and parking for in-state tests. There is a one-time fee of $250 for an initial session (2-3 hours) at Client's place of business to discuss and select appropriate and legally acceptable interview and polygraph information targets and establish specific Qualifier and Disqualifier Acceptance Guidelines (standards). The testing fee includes a review of the applicant's application form, the pre-test interview, development of 5 (single phase) or 10 (double phase) polygraph question areas, 2 or 4 tests, analysis, post-test questioning and both oral and written reports.

An estimate of fee and costs will be provided based upon in-office time to view and analyze recordings, transcripts, reports and other documents, time to research and reference points and time to create written reports and findings. Testimonial costs usually involve additional costs to create copies of articles, research and exhibit as well as any in-person or significant on-line conferences.