Professional Qualifications

Stanley M. Slowik holds undergraduate degrees in physiology and psychology from the University of Portland, a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Colorado and a Masters in the Detection of Deception, a Professional Degree issued by the Illinois Department of Education.

Mr. Slowik received his polygraph training from Reid College (John E. Reid & Associates) in Chicago as part of a 6-month academic and captive internship program licensed and accredited as a professional program by the State of Illinois. His instructors were Fred E. Inbau (Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University School of Law), John E. Reid (founder), and Frank S. Horvath (Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice). Mr. Slowik has been licensed as a polygraph examiner by the Illinois Department of Education and Registration continuously since November of 1968 and is further licensed as an Intern and Special Instructor of physiology. Mr. Slowik received his Masters of Science in Detection of Deception with the thesis (published in the Northwestern University Journal of Police Science & Administration) "The Relative Accuracy of Respiratory, Blood Pressure and Galvanic Skin Responses." This published peer reviewed study was subsequently cited by the federal Congressional Office reporting on polygraph validity as one of the few studies they found of sufficiently high quality to be accepted in their analysis and review of valid polygraph techniques. In 2005, Mr. Slowik was one of the first examiners in the United States to qualify for the Marin Protocol, an independent and objective examination of the ability to accurately interpret polygraph charts and available to all examiners regardless of training, membership or affiliation. Mr. Slowik is a frequent presenter at the annual Conference for the American Polygraph Association, and has lectured at the request of numerous state polygraph associations. In 2013 the APA presented Mr. Slowik with the John E. Reid Award for "Distinguished Achievement in Polygraph Research, Teaching and Writing."

Mr. Slowik was employed as a polygraph examiner, Director, Criminal Interrogator and Instructor with John E. Reid & Associates from 1968 to 1986. Mr. Slowik helped create and teaches the internationally acclaimed Reid Interviewing and Interrogation course and served as both C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Reid & Associates. Mr. Slowik created and travels extensively teaching his own Objective Pre-employment Interviewing course. Mr. Slowik is a contributing author to several texts on polygraph and has published numerous studies and articles on polygraph and related topics. Mr. Slowik has testified as an expert witness in federal, state and county criminal courts, courts martial proceedings, Medical and Education Licensing Boards, Police and Fire Commission hearings, NLRB and various civil and federal and state legislative proceedings. Mr. Slowik has been a practicing examiner since 1968 and has conducted in excess of 25,000 polygraph examinations. As a privately practicing examiner, Mr. Slowik currently provides his polygraph services for both the Defense and Law Enforcement. He has been the primary polygraph examiner for the Boulder County (Colorado) Sheriff's Office since 1975 and a principal examiner for the Colorado Public Defenders Office for nearly as long. Mr. Slowik is a member of the American Polygraph Association, the International Investigative Interviewing Research Council, and the International Personnel Management Association. 2022 was the 54th successive year Mr. Slowik has conducted at least 200 actual, field examinations each year, typically divided between specific issue (criminal) and pre-employment examinations. Mr. Slowik has been a professional presenter and instructor on the topics of interviewing, polygraph and criminal interrogation since 1968 for a wide variety of business, human resource, law enforcement, school, polygraph, intelligence and military associations for over 50 years.